Our support team

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There is a lot that happens behind the scenes before any retreat or holiday starts. The AY HQ as we like to call it is a busy hub of excited activity to make these retreats as special as we can for you. And here are the fabulous team that make these things happen. Meet the team.

Michelle King

Founder and Managing Director

Michelle has always had a love of nature, travel and wellness since a young age and how the connection between all three is the best tonic for mental and physical well-being. Travel is in her blood as she grew up in Venezuela and Kenya and then spent her twenties living in the French Alps, Sardinia, The Dolomites and Japan. Having been a life long veggie and practising yoga since she was 17, AdventureYogi is the combination of all of her favourite things.

Michelle is the director of AY and spends her time working on the business development, planning and creating new holidays and getting creative with marketing! Most recently, AdventureYogis sustainability ethos and making sure we are putting people and the planet as a priority. She also join on retreats and you may even catch her on the phone!